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The District of Kent now offers orthophoto images for purchase and free download.

To Purchase files please visit the Municipal Hall at 7170 Cheam Ave, Agassiz, BC. The price for each orthophoto image is $150 + HST (See Bylaw 1411). Each archive file has a unique password which you will need prior to extracting the image from the archive. The file specific password can only be obtained once a payment has been made.

Each rectangle on the map below represents one orthophoto image file. Click the yellow numbers in the picture below to preview a large image of the area. 92h032.4.2 - Ruby Creek 92h032.4.1 92h.032.3.2 92h032.3.1 - Echo Island 92h032.1.3 - Echo Island 92h032.1.4 - Rockwell Drive, Deer Lake, Hicks Lake 92h032.2.3 - Hicks Lake 92h032.2.4 92h031.2.2 92h021.3.4 92h021.4.3 92h021.4.4 92h022.3.3 - Harrison Hot Springs 92h022.3.4 - Seabird Island 92h022.4.3 - Seabird Island 92h022.4.1 - Seabird Island 92h022.3.2 - Seabird Island 92h022.3.1 - Striker's Corner 92h021.4.2 - Cemetery, Race Track, Municipal Gravel Pit 92h021.4.1 - Mt.Woodside 92h021.3.2 92h021.1.3 - Harrison Mills 92h021.1.4 - Harrison Mills & Mt. Woodside Subdivision 92h021.1.2 92h021.2.1 92h021.2.2 92h021.2.3 - Mt.Woodside 92h021.2.4 - Limbert Mountain 92h022.1.1 - Agassiz-Rosedale Bridge 92h022.1.2 92h022.1.3 - Agassiz, Hopeyard Hill 92h022.1.4 - Agassiz, Seabird Island 92h032.1.1 - Harrison Hot Springs, Rockwell Drive 92h032.1.2 92h032.2.1 - Seabird Island 92h032.2.2

File Specifications:

  • Date: March 2009
  • Coordinates: UTM, Zone 10, NAD 83
  • Resolution: 20cm pixel
  • Format: Mr.SID (online), TIFF (available by special request only)
  • File sizes: Mr.SID - approx. 80mb each; TIFF - approx. 800mb each

Zoomable & printable orthophoto images. You MUST have FlashPlayer installed on your system to view the images.

IMAGE 1: District of Kent.

IMAGE 2 :Agassiz