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What is Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR) ?

The Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR) is a provincial zone in which agriculture is recognized as the priority use. Farming is encouraged and non-agricultural uses are controlled.

The BC ALR covers approximately 4.7 million hectares. It includes private and public lands that may be farmed, forrested or vacant land. Some ALR blocks cover thousands of hectares while others are small pockets of only a few hectares.

In total the ALR comprises those lands within BC that have the potential for agricultural production.

The Agricultural Land Reserve takes precedence over, but does not replace, other legislation and bylaws that may apply to the land. Local and regional governments, as well as other provincial agencies, are expected to plan in accordance with the provincial policy of preserving agricultural land.

The Agricultural Land Commission Act sets the legislative framework for the establishment and administration of the agricultural land preservation program.

For more information about the Application Process, Fees, and to download applicable Forms, visit the Agricultural Land Reserve website at http://www.alc.gov.bc.ca

Environmental Farm Planning

Launched in 2003, the BC Environmental Farm Plan Program complements and enhances the current environmental stewardship practices of producers. It is a partnership between Agriculture and Agri-food Canada (AAFC), the BC Ministry of Agriculture and Lands (BCMAL) and the BC Agriculture Research and Development Corporation (ARDCorp).

The program is intended to assist farm producers in developing an environmental action plan for their farm. This is a plan that enhances natural resources and reduces the possibility of accidental harm to soil, air, water and biodiversity values.

Agricultural Overview

The District of Kent Agricultural Land Use Inventory 2013
Provided by: Ministry of Agriculture

Agriculture Water Demand Model
Provided by: Fraser Valley Regional District, BC Ministry of Agriculture and Environment Canada

The District of Kent Agricultural Overview 2008
Provided by: BC Ministry of Agriculture and Lands

Official Community Plan (OCP)
Schedule E - Agricultural Area Plan (AAP)
For more information about our Official Community Plan, please click here.

District of Kent Agricultural Land Reserve Map (Last Updated on: Jun 26, 2012)

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